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Pakistani scientist develops Sectorial Magnetic Model

Pakistani scientist develops Sectorial Magnetic Model

LAHORE (January 30 2003) : A Pakistani scientist Dr Aurangzeb Hafi has earned a great honour for the country by developing 'Magneto-Agricultural Development Model and Sectorial Magnetic Model' for the first time in the world that will vivid far-looking and long lasting effects on agriculture, environmental and medical sciences, space biology, magnetobotanics, magnetohydrodynamics and multidisciplinary sciences.

Dr Aurangzeb Hafi disclosed this in a press conference here on Wednesday. "In Interplanetary Magnetic Fields, the origin of magnetisation of the magnetised rocks of the moon has been a great puzzle, over the decades, to all the scientists and researchers of the subject.

To come out of this puzzle, no single theory or even epistemologically based theoretical model has yet been evolved. To-date, no text, none of the research papers have given a line of research, which can lead to the factual answer.

The base of research might be a set of clues, or theoretical model, or simply an assumption, based on factual findings, on which due to it being irrefutable, a strong line and some track of research can be drawn," he claimed.

The mechanism of this relationship is not yet clearly understood, even among the world-renowned authoritative establishments of space sciences, he added.

According to him, the origin of magnetisation of the 'magnetised rocks of the moon' has been a great puzzle for the scientists of modern space sciences.

Even it has been declared as 'an important question but a great puzzle' by the scientists of USA and USSR, in a joint publication of Nasa's and USSR's scientists, named 'The Foundations of Space Biology and Medicine.'

As I did research exclusively on the topic, therefore, the model was named as 'Aurangzeb Hafi's Model of Sectorial Biomagnetics,' he maintained.

He said that a model of development of sectorial boundaries has been evolved, along with 25 years Magneto-Agriculture Model, which is expected to be presented in few days to the Government of Pakistan.

Dr Hafi said that plants containing three nutriment iron, manganese and cobalt, can have incredible influence in south areas, where plants are irrigated with magnetised water can grow 40-60 percent faster than others.

To a question, he said that this development can positively affect various crops like rice, potato, tomato, wheat, sugarcane, and maize. He also said that he will be not going to give his formula to any foreign company, however, any Pakistani multinational company can take advantage of the formula.

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