Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Telenor Pledges Rs.65 Million Relief Package

Telenor has announced an emergency relief package for the victims of the recent earthquake that has left thousands dead in its wake. Telenor is pledging a sum of Rs. 65 million to go to the Red Cross and President’s Earthquake Relief Fund.

Tore Johnsen, Telenor Pakistan’s CEO said, “We know that the government and Red Cross are working together to mobilize resources for the relief effort and we would like to contribute by all means possible.”

Tore further said that Telenor is committed to support the immense effort that was being carried out by the army and the Red Cross as blocked roads were cleared, communication was restored, and truck loads of tents, blankets, food and medicines were distributed in Manshera and Balakot in the NWFP.

Immediately after the earthquake, Telenor opened its network in advance in several affected cities and is currently providing free emergency communications services to the National Crisis Management Center. Telenor has also set up phone booths at emergency sites in Mansehra, Abbottabad, and Islamabad and is offering free communication facilities to the affected families.

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