Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Vote for ClickDiagnostics in USAID Dev Challenge

Please take a minute to vote for ClickDiagnostics in the USAID Dev Challenge. is a social enterprise co-founded by Tania Aidrus (Pakistan) and Mridul Chowdhry (Bangladesh). It is based on a very simple and unique idea. It provides a way for doctors in developed countries to diagnose ailments of people in developing countries, by analyzing photographs and other data transmitted over the internet. It brings together public health, technology and entrepreneurship and helps a lot of people in the process. More details on

Mridul was a classmate of mine in UTAustin. After graduation he went back to Bangladesh and started a non-profit. Recently he graduated from Harvard MPA program and developed this idea along with Tania Aidrus who is a MIT alumni. Mridul is currently in Africa, researching how this technology can be replicated across the developing world.

Winning the USAID Dev Challenge will give this a lot of publicity and help ClickDiagnostics become an established concept.

Steps to vote:

1. To register, go to: and populate form and create account

3. Go to the ClickDiagnostics voting webpage:

4. Click on 'Add Project to your Ballot'

5. Add AT LEAST two more projects - other projects by Harvard Kennedy School/MIT students are: "Reading Mobile", "Finding the flow", "Assured Labor"

6. Cast your ballot by going to:
Deadline is December 12th.

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