Thursday, April 22, 2010

National Renewable Energy Design Competition

We are delighted to announce the launch of the National Renewable Energy Design Competition. The Competition involves teams of 5 students; all of them must be university students at the time of the competition. Each team will design and build a vehicle that will run on any renewable or free energy. Each student interested in participating in the competition will be required to register on-line or through their university. Students will have to attach the proposal of their project providing design layouts, functions, cost details and sponsorship or funding proof. On the selection of a design for the competition, a certain amount of registration fee will be charged. Confirmation information will be e-mailed to officially registered students as well as sponsoring universities and institutions.

We will provide compete guidelines as to what rules will be followed; discussing the copyright and compliance issues, basis of judging, stating the requirements and criteria for design.To fund the event, we will contact the government department of education to support us. We will also look for organizing partners and sponsors for the event. We will also arrange for venture capitalist to fund the winner project.

Currently we are in the process of forming an Operating Team. To participate please email

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