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Pakistan, China Agree To Set Up A High-Tech Park

Pakistan, China Agree To Set Up A High-Tech Park
Updated on 2004-01-17 11:08:58

BEIJING, China: Jan 17 (PNS) - China Torch Center, a department of Ministry of Science and Technology here has agreed to help set up a High-Tech Park in Pakistan for economic development and industrialization.

Initial negotiations were held between the two sides here, on the proposal putforth by Dr. Atta ur Rehman, Minister for Science and Technology during his recent visit to China. An official of Pakistan Embassy told APP the two sides would need to formally sign bilateral cooperation agreement to undertake the project. As a step forward, an expert-level team of China Torch Centre would visit Pakistan to hold a feasibility study.

He said such a park would be set up keeping in view the environment and market conditions of the country. The Chinese side, he said has agreed to help provide guidance and technical assistance for development of High-tech Park that will consist of multiple heavy industrial networks.

The expert-level team will also suggest design and the required infrastructure of the park. According to the sources, the embassy will hold further negotiation with the Chinese side, after receiving necessary mandate from the Ministry of Science and Technology in Islamabad.

It may be mentioned that the Capital Development Authority, Islamabad has already earmarked a site in I-12 sector for the establishment of a high-tech industrial park. Pakistan and China have recently signed joint declaration under which it was decided that they would guide and encourage their departments, scientific research institutes, universities and high-tech enterprises to conduct broad technological cooperation in areas of mutual interest such as telecommunication, water conservancy, electric power, aviation and space technology, computer, automation, metallurgy, IT, medicine and health, petrochemistry, biotechnology and peaceful utilization of nuclear power.

It was also agreed that the two parties will endeavor to promote transfer of know-how and exchange of information. In this context, the two parties will give full play to the guiding and coordinative role of the intergovernmental Joint Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation. Strengthen cooperation in nonproliferation and export control.

According to the declaration, signed in Beijing by President Pervez Musharraf and the Chinese President Hu Jintao in November last year, they will also consider launching the negotiation and conclusion of a bilateral agreement on mutually issuing of ultimate consumer and end use certificate. China is currently engaged in development of the high-tech parks in the country. A specific leading group composed by officials from various central government departments has been set up for making decisions on construction, policy formulation and system optimization of the national-level high-tech industrial park.

It has set up high-tech parks in Britain and the United States. They have played an active role in giving Chinese enterprises experience of developed countries to promote their high-tech products in world markets.

According to the Chinese official, more than 24,000 high-tech programmes have been carried out over the past 15 years. Some of these programmes have resulted in patents for products such as high performance computers, large-scale digital switches, mobile container inspection systems and high definition televisions.

Some 53 major high-tech development zones have been set up under the Torch Plan since 1991. Business income from the 53 zones grew to more than dollar 184 billion last year.

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