Friday, January 30, 2004

Pakistani American Wins Physician Of The Year Award


WASHINGTON, USA: Jan 27 (PNS) - Dr. Attique Samdani, the noted physician of Pakistani origin, is to receive the singular honour of 'Physician of the Year Award' at a ceremony to be held here on Jan. 27, says the Physicians Advisory Board of the National Congressional Committee in an announcement Saturday.

The award-giving ceremony is scheduled on the concluding day of the two-day (Jan 26-27) annual meeting of the Physicians Advisory Board.

The selection is based on performance during the preceding year.

Physician of the Award is presented to outstanding medical professionals at a formal ceremony, where Republican Members of the U.S. Congress and Administration officials alongwith physicians are invited, followed by a daylong seminar on medical practice, medicare/medicaid reform.

The other topics before the semin! ar this year include malpractice premiums, limiting frivolous lawsuits, reimbursement reform and tax reform and practice.

The organizers said, to mark the occasion,the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) would bring out full page on the event, including names of the other recipients of the annual awards.

"The Physician of the Year Award will be presented to our physicians who have been instrumental in helping pass the largest tax cut in a generation, keeping the White House and Congress in Republican hands...and providing the leadership and input to improve the healthcare system in America," it added.

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