Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Seminar on Embedded Systems, hosted by the Khwarzimic Science Society (KSS)

Khwarzimic Science Society is arranging a seminar on 'Embedded Systems
Technology' by Mr. Jauher Zaidi, CEO Palmchip USA.

Venue for Seminar:
This seminar is taking place at Block A, Conference Room, COMSATS Institute of Information
Technology, Lahore. The programme of the seminar is as under:

Date and Time:
Embedded Systems Technology
by Mr. Jauher Zaidi
at 1130 HRS
on 6th May, 2004 (Thursday)

Mr. Zaidi will be talking about the basics of System On Chip(SOC),
Embedded Systems Technology and its Applications. Later he would talk
about his company namely PalmChip, USA and finally the prospects of
Pakistani youth in this emerging field.

Speakers' Profile:
Mr. Jauher Zaidi has over twenty years of experience in system design
and integration. He has been both a director and the Chief Executive
Officer of Palmchip since the Company’s inception. Before founding Palmchip in
1996, he was involved in SOC integration at Quantum Corporation, where
he managed the ASIC Group. He also led the single-chip I/O and disk
controller ASIC design projects, using co-simulation at Unisys, Amdahl
and Samsung. Jauher received his BSEE and MSEE degrees from Pacific
States University in Los Angeles, California. He has written and
presented a number of articles and papers on SOC design and
verification. He has also participated in many system-on-chip panels and is a
recognized expert in the area of SOC development. He Holds several
patents on SoC Technology.

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