Saturday, November 29, 2003

16th Annual Conference of Pakistan Society of Neurosurgeons

Pakistan Society of Neurosurgeons
December 5-6, 2003
Serena, Quetta

Pakistan Society of Neurosurgeons < > holds scientific meetings annually in which neurosurgeons from all over the country share their experience in the form of scientific papers. These meetings are held in different cities of the country and this year's meeting is being co-hosted by the Department of Neurosurgery, Bolan Medical College, Quetta.

Besides scientific and academic sessions, these meetings are also known for interesting and colorful regional cultural events and social programs. There is an associated Scientific Exhibition where the neurosurgical instrument makers, pharmaceutical companies and medical booksellers exhibit their merchandise.

Pakistan Society of Neurosurgeons holds vote for the election of it's Executive Commitee every two years. A halmark of this year's conference is the General Body Meeting of the society in which election for the next term are being held.

Young Neurosurgeons Forum, another progressive body of the new generation of Pakistani neurosurgeons is also holding its Executive Body Meeting at the occassion of the conference.

On top of it all, weather in Quetta at this time of the year is going to make this an unforgetable experience.

Further information about the conference can be retrieved from the office of the Chairman Organizing Committee, Dr. Hameedullah Buzdar at the following contact info.

Crrespondence Address: B-4, GOR Colony, Queta, Pakistan
Telephone: 92(81) 831 943, 92(81) 837 743
Fax: 92(81) 830 559

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