Wednesday, November 19, 2003

PakNet Launches Wireless Internet Service


PakNet, a subsidiary of PTCL has launched another innovative product and new service in the field of Networking by the introduction of high speed broadband Internet on wireless. The service has been made available from today.

As no telephone line will be required for the use of this technology it gives mobility to users to access the broadband internet from anywhere in their premises without being confined to their desks.

Previously the broadband access in Pakistan was mostly used through Wireless Radius, digital cross connect and DSL, but this solution of Wireless Internet Virtually extends the user LAN through IP based solutions to the international backbone of Internet. All the functionalities like wireless printing will also be possible with this technology.

This technology has a number of advantages over existing technologies. The first and foremost is the higher speed it can offer to the user. Individual customer can be provided upto 10 MBs at their premises. Secondly, it extends the coverage. The basic system can go upto 15 km and higher systems can extend the range to 40 km.

Wireless Internet Service is also cost effective and it is expected to become even more economical with the passage of time.

Wireless Internet Service will have speeds ranging from 64K to 10Mb and no telephone line required, no disconnections and no busy tones, 24/7 connectivity. It will be used for Audio/Video conferencing and Video and Audio streaming directly from the net. Bulk data transfer for companies involved in Research, Medical Transcription, etc., Multiplayer games, e.g., Quake, Red Alert, etc. and Secure connections will be available for Institutes and Universities.

Initially the technology is being introduced in Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

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