Thursday, November 27, 2003

Ultra-modern avionics institute to be set up

KARACHI: The Ministry of Science and Technology has decided to set up a national institute of avionics in Islamabad, supposed to be the only institute of its kind in the region, sources said.

The modalities of the institute were discussed on Monday after a presentation about the institute was made to federal minister incharge of science and technology, Prof Atta-ur-Rahman.

The minister has already constituted a committee on October 22, 2003, to prepare the plan about the institute.

"The Committee comprises officers from KARF, NUST, SUPARCO, Air Weapons Complex etc.," an official communique said.

Setting up the centre is part of the ministry’s plan to develop a scientific and technological base in the country for advanced research in emerging technologies.

The institute of avionics is being set up to achieve self-sufficiency in the fields of avionics engineering, particularly sensors, navigational aids, electronic warfare systems, cockpit displays, secure aerial communication systems, and systems integration capability.

Explaining the need for setting up the institute, Prof Atta said the institute is required to meet the demands of industry, defence,and other important sectors of the economy.

"Avionics is one of the very vital fields, where paucity of trained manpower and absence of the facilities of research in the field is resulting in the form of heavy financial burden and technical dependence," the communique said.

The avionics facilities available at some organisations are antiquated. Therefore new and innovative technologies need to be introduced to achieve self-reliance.

"It will make the country attain total independence from foreign sources for avionics upgrades and integration and keep pace with the fast changing nature of electronics," it added.

Making the presentation, Group-Captain Dr Hafeez, DMD (Avionics) (Coordinator), KARF, said in a modern warfare concept, avionics predominantly determines the effectiveness of the aircraft.

The institute will also carry out research under MS and PhD programmes based on real practical problems in the field of avionics engineering.

"In order to keep pace, which has already been set, with the ever-changing nature of electronics, about two avionics upgrades are required during the structural life of an aircraft," the communique said.

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