Sunday, November 23, 2003

Bill Gates phones Musharaf, discusses prospects of investment

ISLAMABAD: Bill Gates, Chairman software giant, Microsoft Corporation, telephoned President General Pervez Musharraf and discussed with him prospects of investment in the field of information technology in Pakistan, reports a news agency.

Gates, one of the world's leading IT tycoons, informed the President during the telephonic converstation that Microsoft was examining prospects of investment in Pakistan. He expressed a keen interest in the opportunities Pakistan offers in the field of information technology and said he would like to meet the President at the World Economic Forum moot in Davos early next year.

President Musharraf said he was pleased at Bill Gates' interest in IT business in Pakistan and briefed him about the tremendous opportunities and potential the country offers in the field. The President said far off places of the country too have been connected to the Internet, the information superhighway and quality IT institutions are attracting talented students and preparing them to become future professionals.

Source: The News International, Friday Nov 21, 2003

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