Friday, November 28, 2003

Apsena's 9th Biennial Conference

In keeping with its tradition and successes, apsena will hold its 9th
Biennial Conference in Pakistan

December 22-23 in Islamabad
December 27 in Karachi.
Joint Symposium with Enercon on Renewable Energy and Technologies, to
Be Held on December 15-16 in Islamabad.

During his recent trip to the U.S., the Pakistani Prime Minister, the
Honorable Zafarullah Khan Jamali was personally briefed by apsena
officials about the 9th Biennial Conference. The Prime Minister said that he
would welcome apsena in Pakistan and will make plans to attend as the
Chief guest as requested. In addition, the Pakistani Finance Minister,
the Honorable Shaukat Aziz expressed great interest in attending the
conference. The Pakistani Minister of Science & Technology, the
Honorable Prof. Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman plans to attend. Numerous prominent
Pakistani Americans have accepted invitation to the conference. These include
Rashid A. Chaudry, CEO, Raani Corporation; Shakil Kidwai,
Vice-President, Global Information Assurance Services, EDS Worldwide; Pervaiz
Lodhie, CEO, LEDtronics, Mohammed Jameel; Director, R&D, Lucent Technologies,
Imtiaz Qazilbash; Advisor to President of Pakistan on Hydroelectric
Projects, Ahmed Yar Mohammad; Energy Trading Consultant, British Petr
oleum, London, U.K. Many others including Safi Qureshey, CEO, Irvine
Ventures have been personably contacted and are expected to confirm
their attendance soon after reviewing their availability to attend. The
conference will feature several workshop/presentations by Pakistani
American scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs. For a complete updated
list of presenters, visit our website at

The objective of the upcoming Biennial Conference is for Pakistanis,
Pakistani Americans and Pakistan expatriates in other western countries
to benefit from the technology and opportunities in each others country
thru collaboration and network. It will offer a great forum for
Pakistani Americans and Pakistanis for networking between and among
themselves; exchanging info and ideas, finding opportunities for collaborating
and/or advancing your interest whether in industry & technology or
research and academia, establishing path forward strategies; catching up with
old friends; and a little bit of fun. There are testimonials of real
life successes thru apsena’s events.

Please make plans to attend. For more information, please visit

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