Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Need stressed for research in agri sector

LARKANA: Vice-Chancellor of the Agricultural University Tando Jam, Dr Bashir Ahmed Shaikh has underlined the need for research in agriculture sector to provide the growers with quality seed, which would increase per acre yield and subsequently stabilise country’s economy.

Speaking at the local Circuit House after paying a visit to ZA Bhutto Agricultural College, Dokri, on Tuesday, Dr Shaikh said that in this regard a task force has been formed to cater to the needs of different areas.

He said that keeping in view the scarcity of irrigation water, it was necessary to switch over to the crops that needed comparatively less water. Thousands of watercourses were being cemented with the financial assistance of the Asian Development Bank to avoid the wastage of irrigation water, he said.

"We are focusing on various fields and areas especially to provide skilled manpower and advanced technology to the growers and, if needed, required technology would be imported," he said.

Dr Shaikh said research was being carried out in various fields, keeping in view the requirements of various areas, while, short courses would be initiated in the ZA Bhutto Agricultural College to benefit the growers.

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