Friday, December 26, 2003

Exciting Sky Gazing Experiences, by Adnan Yazdani at LAST Astronomy Society

Courtesy Adnan Yazdani, member of LAST Astronomy Society:

AoA Everybody

Hope all of you are fine and having exciting time with astronomy in late December.
I wanted to share some exciting sky gazing experiences. Planets rule, they are high up. One can easily see four of them (Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter) in a span of 4 to 5 hours between 7 PM to 12 AM (yes, giant planet is high in east at 12).
Late December presents wonderful crescent moon and dazzling Venus conjunction (6 PM to 7 PM). Distance between them increasing with each passing night. Other worthwhile sight the lovely winter hexagon of bright stars Rigel-Aldebaran-Capella-Pullox-Procyon and Sirius, each star belonging to a different constellation. Amazingly early, at 8 PM this vast hexagon is visible in eastern skies.
Its hard to be out in biting chilly nights, so mother nature does care, good things are showing up early... :)

Regards & Clear Skies


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