Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Sindh EPA Plans to Carry out studies to determine water quality of Karachi

Sindh EPA Plans to Carry out studies to determine water quality of Karachi

KARACHI, Dec 29: The Sindh Environmental Protection Agency has planned to carry out studies for ascertaining the quality of water being consumed in Karachi and the interior of the province.

The SEPA has almost finalized five such plans, which are either at the stage of approval by the competent authority or waiting for the financing by government.

The proposed studies include monitoring of potable water quality in Karachi, water quality in the Indus and the water being supplied through K.B. Feeder Canal; ascertaining arsenic contamination in ground-water in the province and improving the industrial waste in Karachi.

SEPA officials said that the agency was approaching provincial government for financing the monitoring of drinking water quality in Karachi. The project has been proposed, as about eight people had died after consuming contaminated water in Muslimabad, Landhi and Memon Goth of Karachi.

To determine the pollution levels in drinking water, the SEPA has prepared PC-II. This study includes collection and analysis of water samples from treatment plant, filter plants, pumping stations and distribution network of water and sewerage board.

Another important project is proposed to monitor the quality of water being supplied to Karachi through K.B. Feeder Canal. It is pertinent to note that the industrial and domestic untreated waste-water of Hyderabad, Kotri and Nooriabad is being disposed into K.B. Feeder and the Keenjhar Lake, which are the main source of water supply for Karachi. This project would cost Rs0.65 million.

The officials said that the SEPA had completed the first phase of monitoring water quality of the Indus river while the second phase costing Rs11.6 million had been approved by the provincial development working party (PDWP).

However, the administrative approval is awaited for the proposed project, which would determine the pollutant substance in the river water to estimate the pollution load.

The project of improving industrial waste-water quality in Karachi is under consideration of the PDWP. The project would be sponsored by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) under which a master plan would be designed by the Japanese consultants for improving the quality of waste-water in industrial areas of Karachi. After the detailed survey, a pilot treatment plant would be installed at Korangi Industrial Area.

The SEPA has prepared PC-II in consultation with the UNICEF to monitor ground-water in the province ascertaining the concentration of arsenic. The SEPA had approached the provincial government for funding the scheme, they added. -PPI

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