Monday, December 29, 2003

KRL detects 23 genes causing eye diseases

LAHORE: The Kahuta Research Laboratories (KRL) has detected 23 genes among a total of 121 which have been known to cause eye diseases, KRL Chairman Dr Javed Ashraf Mirza declared on Friday at the 24th annual congress of the Ophthalmological Society of Pakistan (OSP) titled the Lahore Opthalmo 2003.

Dr Javed said the KRL did research on eye diseases and made wonderful progress. “We invite all those involved with this vital subject to avail the facilities of gene linkage analysis at the KRL. We must join hands to build a safe and secure future for our coming generations,” said the KRL chairman.

He said that with the help of a leading eye specialist, KRL experts carried out gene detection in families of congenital eye disorders like Retinitis, Pigmentose, Micro-ophthalmia and Keratoconus. “23 new genes, associated with these diseases, have been detected and confirmed in laboratories. The 23 genes are among the 121 genes detected throughout the worldwide,” he added.

He said the Biomedical and Genetic Engineering Division (BGED) of the KRL was one of five leading research centres in the world. Dr Mirza said the success had led the doctors and scientists at the KRL to carryout tests on the Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) for numerous diseases. “As a result, many of Uveitis patients had been tested positive for HLA B-27. The patients with glaucoma are also being studied to find the association of the disease with any particular gene, he added. —Staff Report
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