Tuesday, December 30, 2003

TTS-teachers body to evolve joint strategy

TTS - teachers body to evolve joint strategy

By Our Reporter
ISLAMABAD, Dec 29: The Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Associations will meet in Peshawar on January 2 and 3 to evolve a joint strategy on Tenure Track System (TTS) and Model University Ordinance (MUO).

This was stated by an office-bearer of Quaid-i-Azam University's Academic Staff Association while talking to Dawn. He said the meeting had been called in the backdrop of the Higher Education Commission's recent active pursuance of public sector universities for the implementation of TTS and MUO.

The only thing the federation wants is a certain level of uniformity with special reference to the running of public sector universities, he said. Keeping in view the HEC's stand that it will invite every university administration separately to make these two documents acceptable, the federation has been forced to call a meeting to counter this move, he said.

So far, only the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, has introduced TTS, whereby teachers will be hired on contract basis with regular evaluation of their services.

Whereas, rest of the public-sector universities throughout the country have rejected the new service structure as well as the ordinance, asking the commission to review the documents with active consultation of the faculty concerned.

It's worth mentioning here that with the promulgation of the MUO, which envisaged administrative and financial autonomy for public sector universities, the federation launched a protest campaign against the law.

The federation took a joint stand against the new law, terming it as an ill-conceived document, aimed at privatizing public-sector universities in the country.

Responding to a question, the academic staff association office-bearer said it was irrational on the part of the HEC that instead of looking for some viable solution acceptable to all, it was pressurizing vice-chancellors.

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