Wednesday, December 03, 2003

PM Jamali Wants Exploitation Of Energy Resources

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Dec 03 (PNS) - Prime Minister Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali on Tuesday stressed the importance of cheap electricity and said energy resources should be exploited to the maximum for the country’s rapid development.

Presiding over the 31st meeting of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Council (PAEC), Mr Jamali praised the council for its contribution to the defence sector. He directed the PAEC to prepare Vision 2025 for the development of nuclear power plants. He directed officials to continue negotiations with China to make sure that the Chasma power plant was completed in time and work on the project started next year.

He said agriculture was crucial to the growth of economy and directed the PAEC to expand its research to the agriculture sector. He said the Pakistan Atomic Energy Council should establish links with other research organisations to develop coordination in research activities.

Mr Jamali directed the PAEC to develop its educational institutions to cater to the country’s future requirements.

Meanwhile, talking to International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Director General Brunson McKinley on Tuesday, Mr Jamali welcomed the IOM’s offer for fiancial assistance to help Afghan refugees return and on the export of Pakistani manpower.

Mr Jamali informed Mr McKinley about the government’s policies to cope with the Afghan refugees. He said Pakistan had received a large number of refugees from its neighbouring countries, especially Afghanistan, and illegal migrants from several Asian countries had put enormous burden on Pakistan’s resources.

Mr Jamali said Pakistan had adopted strict measures against human trafficking and praised the IOM for its assistance in tackling the problem.

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